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Located in Norristown, the Law Office of Michael Ratigan defends Pennsylvania clients against all types of felony, misdemeanor and traffic charges. As an accomplished litigator, I understand the tactics that authorities use to win convictions and deprive individuals of their rights. My firm evens the odds by delivering tough, knowledgeable advocacy at every stage of the criminal justice process. In cases involving allegations of drunk driving, drug possession or any other offense, my courtroom experience and familiarity with legal standards help clients overcome their difficulty and present the strongest possible defense.

Experienced advocate handles felony, misdemeanor and traffic cases

In Montgomery County and across the area, I have established a strong reputation based on my track record of successful results and my:

  • Aggressive representation — Police and prosecutors have nearly unlimited resources as they seek to obtain a conviction against you. Regardless of the specific allegation, I fight back aggressively and make sure that you are not bullied or pressured into a bad outcome.
  • Personalized counsel — In every case, I work one-on-one with clients to develop a full understanding of their situation. From there, my firm develops a detailed strategy based on the specific circumstances and needs.  
  • Cost-effective rates — Protecting your rights in court shouldn’t destroy your ability to support yourself and your family financially. My goal is to secure the best result possible at a fair rate.

The lawyer you hire does make a difference. Using my experience and knowledge of relevant laws, I’ll help you understand the charges brought against you and the options you have to minimize or defeat them.

Aggressive Pennsylvania firm challenges DUI and drug charges

My firm delivers criminal defense to Pennsylvania clients who are accused of offenses such as:

  • Driving under the influence — If you’ve been charged with drunk driving or operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs, I’ll analyze the facts and identify any available defenses. It doesn’t matter if this is your first DUI or not; my firm will work tirelessly to achieve a favorable result.
  • Drug crimes — Many drug crimes are built on misleading or improperly gathered evidence. In cases where the possession, sale or manufacture of controlled substances is alleged, my firm takes on unsupported allegations and seeks alternatives to incarceration whenever possible.
  • Traffic violations — You might not be inclined to fight a ticket even if you believe you are innocent, but what seems to you like a routine traffic violation could lead to a heavy fine, higher insurance costs, license points that could lead to corrective action and even possible jail time. Before you give up your chance to defend yourself, I can determine if the citation is flawed.

When someone’s freedom or hard-earned money is on the line, every case is important. I am committed to easing the burden on clients and meticulously reviewing all of the pertinent evidence in pursuit of a positive resolution.

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The Law Office of Michael Ratigan in Norristown, Pennsylvania represents clients in criminal defense and traffic violation matters throughout the Montgomery County area. To schedule a meeting, please call 267-802-1725 or contact me online

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